Dear all,

PAINKILLER crew is going to BPK home on Sunday 8th November 2009. Bang Pakong Home for the disabled is a place where lives 293 disabled men, unable to live by themselves ( or mental disorder ) and handicap homeless men.

The house has only 7 million baht of budget a year which means 65 baht per patient/day.and… clearly 65 baht per day could not cover all the expenses including many many of adults’ diapers, care takers’ salaries, electricity, water, meals, clothes and medicines.

PAINKILLER has used your money to create 100 elastic shorts for the BPK home. We would paint a smiley face on each of the shorts, hoping the faces would make the patients smile a little bit more.

BPK Home and 116 shorts we’ve made.

Thank you once again for your support,



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