This summer, PAINKILLER takes you on board to the exciting new world down at the ocean’s floor! Inspired by a classic science-fiction novel “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” by French writer, Jules Vernes.

The story tells the adventure of Captain Nemo and the three protagonists: Ned Land (The harpoonist), Professor Pierre Aronax (French marine biologist) and his assistant, Conseil. Their travels in the avant-garde submarine called “The Nautilus”, takes them to numerous points in the world’s ocean, exploring a long-lost civilization sunken under the deep.

PAINKILLER EXHIBIT S/S 2012 collection features all time favorite pieces such as Poplin shirt, Jersey Tank, Denim shorts & etc. in ludic silk-screen prints “DIVE” and “NET” along with summer essentials: Pique Polo, Jersey button-down shirt, Marine Blouse, Linen Blazer & etc., mix&match with eye-catching dropped crotch pants in Tweed with Chiffon decoration, Plaid Flannel Blazer and Short shorts in Tweed. Ocean colour scene palette such as, White, Beige, Sky blue, Turquoise, Ultramarine, Duke blue to Navy represent the level of the ocean depth.

PAINKILLER ARCHETYPE S/S 2012 collection consists of sophisticated and highly-crafted items for example: Digital Hand-drawing Prints on Denim shirt, Summer Wool blazer decorated with copper colour studs and Egyptian cotton shirt with Brass chain on collar & etc. Ocean’s floor colour palette such as, Duke blue, Navy, Dark grey to Black illustrate the mysterious of the deep.

PAINKILLER OBJET S/S 2012 collection propose Tote bags and Rucksacks in “DIVE” and “NET” printed fabric with leather trim, Soft-finished leather Duo-clutch, Small leather messenger bag and 90×90 cm. digital-printed scarf.

To complete the look, wear PAINKILLER X CONVERSE Sneakers for casual trotting and PAINKILLER X Mango Mojito brogue shoes for professional encounters.

:)) Available in store around the end of February


3 thoughts on “PAINKILLER SPRING/SUMMER 2012 “Way Down Below The Ocean”

  1. Hi!
    My name is Eungu Lee and I am a Korean buyer.
    If you see this, please send me mail. I’d like to talk about International sales.

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